MK12 MOD 1 | Fine Art Prints

MK12 MOD 1 | Fine Art Prints

The infamous MK12 Mod 1.
The complete MK262 delivery system we all know and love. 
All in a clone correct build with parts that spent time down range. The perfect art piece to add to your office, reloading room, or man cave.  

We're offering this badass rifle in two different POV's. Broad Side and Down the Barrel. Prices, Printing and Sizing info is listed below.

Parts List


  • Colt Keyhole Receiver
  • Colt C Stamp BCG
  • PRI Gasbuster CH
  • Douglas 18" 1:7 Twist Barrel
  • Badger Ordnance MK12 Gasblock
  • Knights Armament FF Ras Long
  • Allen Engineering Brake and Collar
  • Knights Armament Full Size Front Sight
  • Knights Armament USMC Marked Rear Sight
  • Arms #22 High No Lever Stop Rings
  • Leupold TS-30A2 With MK262 Turret
  • Knights Armament Bipod Adapter
  • Harris BRM-S Bipod
  • Allen Engineering AEM5 Suppressor - Knurled


  • Colt M16A2 Marked Lower
  • Geissele SSA-E
  • A2 Grip
  • Colt A2 Buttstock

9.16.22 | 12PM CST | DIRTY-KID.COM


We strongly encourage those who purchase an unframed print to get it professionally framed. However, for those who wish to purchase an unframed print but do not want to have it professionally framed we have found matted frames that are similar is size and style. Please see the links below.

24"x16" Frame

18"x12" Frame

8"x10" Frame

Each piece is museum-quality Giclee Fine Art Print, printed and framed locally here in the USA. All of our artwork is made-to-order.



Our paper is 300 GSM weight, 100% Cotton Rag composite with a delicate texture and bright white matte finish, It's certified archival by an accredited third party for 100+ years display life and is acid, lignin, and OBA free.



Our Prints are made using high quality Giclee technique. This process allows us to capture the essence of the photography in the highest fidelity.


Printing Sizes 

Print sizing refers to unframed, artwork only orders. We include a 1" paper border so you can choose how to trim and frame the piece yourself.

18"x12" - Image Size: 18"x12"; Paper Size: 20"x14"; Frame Size: 22"x16"

24"x16" - Image Size: 24"x16"; Paper Size: 26"x18"; Frame Size: 28"x20" 

8”x10” - Image Size: 8”x10”; Paper Size: 10”x12”; Frame Size: 11”x13”



Framed 24"x16": $200

Unframed 24"x16": $60

Framed 18"x12": $150

Unframed 18"x12": $40

Framed 8”x10”: $75

Unframed 8”x10”: $24

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