M81 Cooler

M81 Cooler


The Coolers are finally here.

Look, we know your Uncle Billy can rattle can one cheaper. These are professionally Cerakoted. We have a link for those of you who are rattle can kings or don't have a job. 



For those of you who like cool shit, the info is below.

  • Price: $125.00
  • Size: 10.75" L x 8" W x 11.50" H
  • Cerakoted in M81
  • Holds 1500 rounds of 9mm, 1000 rounds of 5.56 or 6 RedBulls.

Included with every cooler, will be an exclusive M81 cooler patch.

The ONLY way to get a patch, is to buy a cooler.

This is NOT a Pre-Order. These are ready to ship. They will start shipping 8/14.


ECOCOOL Little Playmate 7 Qt Cooler dimensions

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